Monday, May 12, 2014

DNA Results

Here is my exchange with a leading DNA expert! I had asked him if it was worth it for me to do the 111 DNA test.

It was worth taking the 111 test for marker 525.
Marker 710 is one of the fastest moving markers. we can't place much weight on it but what little weight we can place on it supports you an kenny being closer than wilbur. 504 is also a fast marker although not as fast as 710. Its reading is usually either 17 or 18 which are the two readings here. So it is difficult to interpret. It supports you and wilbur being closer than Kenny
525 is a slow marker which is usually 10 or 11. 9 is unusual and looks like a deletion. the most obvious conclusion is that the Alan/Kenny line split from Wilbur when one brother deleted to 525=9 whilst the other brother wilburs ancestor remained unchanged on 10. Later Kenny and Alan diverged with Kenny's line 504=17 Alan 504=18. Most likely Kenny had a deletion but there are other explanations so it is far from certain.
The alternatives to the 525 deletion to 9 are unlikely, they are:
You all had a common ancestor on 9 and wilbur has mutated back to 10 or
Your common ancestor was 10 and Alan and Kenny had parallel unrelated deletions on the same marker to 525=9

I would think of the two alternatives the first one has a 5% chance of being true, the second one 1%. So it is a 94% probability that you and Kenny are closer than Wilbur. Does that fit?

My reply to him.

Awesome David!
I think with all the research I have done in trying to prove or disprove my relationship to Felix Albrecht, along with 94% probability to being closer related to Kenny, a direct descendent from Felix. In other words, circumstantially I had proven my relationship to Felix, no other brother of his would make sense.  The DNA was going to be icing on the cake! If Wilbur would have had a better marker match with Kenny it wouldn't have seemed logical to me. 

So my conclusion is that Felix Albrecht b-1734 and wife Anna Maria Dorothea Segrist b-1747 are the parents of Jacob Albright the Gunsmith. I will see if I can learn more about the death of Felix. He had been in the Revolutionary War just a couple of years previous. Reports say he was killed when he went off to fight the Indians. He would have been 45 or  46 years old and died without a will.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Latest Research

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Latest Research

Winter has really slowed my research, anxious for spring and summer as have much to work on.
I am going through the Swiss records that was transcribed by a Julius Billeter, a late 1800 early 1900 genealogist that traveled through parts of Europe making notes of Church records where he visited. Apparently our ancestor Albrecht came to Neerach from Stadel, Zurich, Switzerland although Heinrich Albrecht born abut 1570 is the furthest I have uncovered so far, it appears his father may have been a Mouritz Albrecht, seems like an unusual name, but you do find the name in Stadel at that same time. As there is a Mouritz Albrecht born 23 Oct 1569 in Stadel to a Hans Albrecht, is this a cousin to our Heinrich? Who knows but you do find the name Mouritz. Also, there was a Mauriz Albrecht born 1408 living in Habsburg-Laufenburg, , , Switzerland. At least it gives me places to look and things to verify. Their are other Albrecht's that ended up in Neerach that show their line to the Albrecht's in Basil, Switzerland, church records there go back to 1000 AD. So if I can make the link, it should be fun.

Here is Heinrich's family
Heinrich Albrecht born abt1570 died 20 Mar 1636 Heinrich married Verena HERZOG on 16 Apr 1592 in , , Switzerland. Verena died in Maybe 1600 in Switzerland

Hans b-23 Apr 1593 a little scribble by his name, he may have died young
Jakob b-17 Nov 1594
Hans b-24 Oct 1596 died 22 Dec 1670 (our line)
Heini b-26 Dec 1598
Sabast b-? Nov 1600 his wife may have died giving birth to this last one as Heinrich marries
Ursula Weidmann on 17 May 1601
there children are
Barbara b-5Dec 1602
Anna b-29 Apr 1605
Jakob b-27 Apr 1608
Felix b-14 Jan 1610
Elsbeth b-12 Jul 1613

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Final Albrecht DNA results

Final results are in and Kenny Albright, Don (Wilbur) Albright and myself all match perfectly on our 67 marker DNA test. That is the most marker test available to date!
Post from
Y-DNA67 - 67 Marker Test: the highest resolution Y-DNA test in the world: tests the Y chromosome for genetic matches between males. Results are placed in our Y-DNA database and when 2 people show the same identical or near identical results, we will inform both parties if you have both signed the FTDNA Release Form. A perfect match of 67 markers means a very tight connection: a common ancestor in very recent times.

We know now we all descend from Johannes Albrecht b-1701 and Margaretha Moor, for Don and myself we must find which son of Johannes we descend from! We already know Kenny's lineage and that was why he was brought in for testing to prove our lineage to the Zurich, Switzerland Albrecht's. Still working on the translation of German written records discussing the relationship of the Zurich Albrect's to the Von Hapsburg's that I found in the SLC library.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kenny Albright 37 marker perfect match

Results are back and it is a perfect 37 on 37 marker match. In the words of Eric Albright coordinator for the Albright/Albrecht FamilytreeDNA testing.
"Hi Alan, Marilyn from FTDNA said you can officially call your matches a "lineage". Eric"
There is no need to test anymore, if people want to prove their lineage to mine, they can do the testing.
Still waiting for the translation of records written in German that may link are Albrecht's to the Von Hapsburgs.
Still working with a couple other researchers on which one of the sons of Johannes that is our Jacob's "The Gunsmith" father. I still feel that it is Felix, but should be able to make a good case for that!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Albrecht research

The 37 marker results for Kenny Albright is being done, that is the 26 through 37 markers.
Familytree DNA explanation
A very small percentage of the tests we perform do not return conclusive results the first time we test. In these cases, the samples do not produce a reading that allows our lab to determine with 100% certainty the values for one or more markers or regions. When this happens, we re-test the sample. We repeat this procedure up to 3 times after the initial test fails to give a clear result.

Your result failed to produce a clear result in this run. Below is a status update for your test, as well as an estimated time of when the next rerun is expected to be completed:

PP5 - 9/26/2008 This test failed to yield results for your sample. Your sample is being rerun now. Results from this round of testing are expected by this date.

Anyway 25 markers prove a relationship and I would be totally surprised if anything changes with 37. With that I will be putting together the Albrecht line. My one snag will be finding which of the sons of Johannes Albrecht and Margaretha Moor will be Jacob "The Gunsmith" parents. I am working with a couple of Albright researchers on seeing if we can identify who are the sons of Johannes and what Jacobs belonged to those sons! It is easier said than done!

From Johannes it looks like this

Johannes Albrecht bap 13 Feb 1701 in Neerach, Zurich, Switzerland and Margaretha Moor bap 23 Jan 1707 they were married 1726

Johannes b-1701 parents were Hans Albrecht bap 1 Jun 1656 in Neerach, Zurich, Switzerland and Barbara Kunz bap 8 Oct 1665 they were married 1687

Hans b-1656 parents were Hans Jakob Albrecht bap 16 Sep 1629 in Neerach, Zurich, Switzerland and Margaretha Volkart b-1637

Hans Jakob Albrecht b-1629 parents were Hans Albrecht born 1594 and Elsbeth Scherer married 1625

Hans Albrecht b-1594 parents were Heinrich Albrecht and Verena Hertzog married 1592

I have a German lady looking at the material that lists Albrechts as decended from Hapsburgs.

I was looking at early Zurich Switzerland records, it takes a lot of concentration and will have to go back when I can spend more time and concentrate. It is hard enough following old records let alone records in old German script!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kenny Albright

25 marker DNA test is still a perfect match, they are going slower, maybe just to torture me!
37 marker should be any day now!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Don (Wilbur) Albright perfect 67 marker match

There can be no doubt that Don (Wilbur) Albright is related. He matches perfectly on the 67 marker test. That is the most markers compared. It is rare that two people would match that closely and not know they were related. 95 % predictability that we are related within 6 generations.(We are not within 6, I figure 7 or 8) Don is probably 2 generations closer to our common ancestor than I am. I was expecting 66 out of 67 maybe, but the Albright gene must not mutate as easy(ha ha). Anyway Don (Wilbur) Albright and I both have ancestors from York County, Pennsylvania in the late 1700's. I am still waiting for the 37 marker test for Kenny Albright a descendent of Felix Albright that matched perfectly on the 12 marker test.
Now Don (Wilbur) Albright has had relatives that believe that they are descended from either Felix Albright or his brother Henry, I believe you must throw the brother Michael into the mix, not forgetting to mention another brother Jacob.
Well if we both match with Kenny then we know we are in the right family that are also in York County Pennsylvania. Johannes Albrecht being the immigrant coming in about 1743. I have recently obtained information that is about the Von Habsburgs, they were a Royal German family that ruled many areas of Europe. In it that have this Johannes Albrecht mentioned in Neerach, Zurich, Switzerland. The document is all in German and am working to translate it once I am sure it is our line. Now I don't care if I have Royalty, but it can help in researching our line back as far as is possible. So you can see that the DNA testing can really lead to some great things.
However, if we don't match with Kenny it is back to the drawing board! A lot hinges on his results! And yes if he matches on 37 I will order a 67 marker test!
Should have Kenny's results in the next couple of weeks!

Little info from wikipedia
The dynasty is named after the seat of origin, the Habsburg castle in the Swiss Canton of Aargau. The origins of the name of the castle are uncertain. Most people assume the name to be derived from the High German Habichtsburg (Hawk Castle), but some historians and linguists are convinced that the name comes from the Middle High German word 'hab/ hap' meaning ford, as there is a river with a ford nearby. The first documented use of the name by the dynasty itself has been traced to the year 1108.[1][2][3] The Habsburg (aka Hapsburg) Castle was the family seat in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries in the former duchy of Swabia, which incorporated present-day Aargau, at the time of the Holy Roman Empire. From southwestern Germany (mainly Alsace, Breisgau, Aargau and Thurgau) the family extended its influence and holdings to the southeastern reaches of the Holy Roman Empire, roughly today's Austria (1278–1382). Within only two or three generations, the Habsburgs had managed to secure an initially intermittent grasp on the imperial throne that would last for centuries (1273–1291, 1298–1308, 1438–1740, and 1745–1806).

Also from Questia: Encyclopedia


or Habsburgboth: hăpsˈbûrg, Ger. häpsˈboork, ruling house of Austria (1282–1918).

Rise to Power

The family, which can be traced to the 10th cent., originally held lands in Alsace and in NW Switzerland. Otto (d. 1111) took the name Hapsburg from a castle near Aargau, Switzerland, when he was designated count. Vast estates in Upper Alsace, Baden, and Switzerland were inherited (1173) by his grandson Count Albert III (d. 1199) and passed to Rudolf II (d. 1232) and Albert IV (d. c.1240). The extinction of the houses of Lenzburg, Zähringen, and Kyburg facilitated family acquisitions.

The election (1273) of Count Rudolf IV as Rudolf I, king of the Germans, provoked war with King Ottocar II of Bohemia. Ottocar's defeat and death at the Marchfeld (1278) confirmed Hapsburg possession of Austria, Carniola, and Styria; these lands and the Austrian ducal title were declared hereditary by Rudolf in 1282. In 1335 Carinthia too was claimed. Possession of these dominions marked the rise of the Hapsburgs to European significance. Held in common by the sons of Albert I and of Albert II, the many lands were divided, after the death (1365) of Duke Rudolf IV, between the Albertine and Leopoldine lines (named for his brothers).